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INDUCT HR Solutions

MRA -64, Mukkolackal, Kulathoor, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala - 695583, India

Mobile : +91-8137893178

Phone : +91--9048835310

E-mail : inducthr@gmail.com

Recruitment Consultant in Kerala
Companies and organizations searching for permanent staffing solutions should turn to Induct HR Solutions. We are operating as a recruitment consultant in Trivandrum (Kerala). We are aided by a team of professional recruiters. They specialize in recruiting workforce for different industries like insurance, BPO, finance, engineering, pharmaceuticals, event planning, sales & marketing, FMCG telecom/technology/ISP etc., all over India. Our consultants ensure that clients do not face hardship after availing our recruitment consultancy. Share your query with us and we will provide the solution.

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